What is a hospital stretcher?

Stretchers for hospitals play an important role in inpatient care. The stretcher is used to move the patient from side to side. These patients are unable to move on their own and must carry people or stretchers.


Stretchers are used in many emergencies, including search and rescue and ambulances. This is an important factor in saving lives. This is because patients are transported to a hospital or medical centre quickly and safely, reducing the severity of their injury and increasing their chances of survival.


  • What does a hospital stretcher look like?


The hospital stretcher consists of movable metal wheels. Wheeled stretchers consist of a variety of frames, wheels and brackets. They are used not only by emergency medical services but also by rescuers and military service. EMS stretchers used in ambulances consist of wheels that help the stretcher move on the road. This includes seat belts used to lock patients in motion. The latest plates feature a battery-powered hydraulic system that automatically raises and retracts all legs.


Types of stretchers


There are different types of stretchers with different characteristics. For seriously ill patients, a special barrier stretcher with a wider frame and greater load capacity can be used. The standard stretcher can be adjusted in several ways.


The hospital stretcher bed can be raised and lowered to move the patient. Stretchers can be moved while seated, especially for elderly patients with respiratory problems.


Designed in different ways to maximize the effectiveness of the first aid stretcher, adapting to different situations and emergencies such as fire emergency, building collapse, underwater rescue, etc., it is not damaged by atmospheric agents.


Some stretchers are suitable for moving patients in aisles and confined spaces, while others are effective in large spaces and in post-patient situations. The patient can be transferred from one stretcher to another. Moved by that small space. Different stretchers can be used in the same emergency situation which helps to reduce patient transport time.


Wheeled stretchers are commonly used to transport patients from one sidewalk point to another, either to an ambulance or an ambulance at a hospital.


This allows the rescuer to transport the patient at a quicker pace than doing so manually. Some even have large wheels which are used to handle rough terrain.


Wheeled stretchers are often used to transport movable stretchers or spinal discs to increase transport speed and facilitate loading a patient into an ambulance or transport vehicles. This is an ambulance stretcher, manually folding and lifting the roller legs of the stretcher when the patient is lying down, or automatically.



  • What does the stretcher include?


Hospital stretchers are usually covered with disposable sheets and packaging and cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of infection. The stretcher is equipped with racks, hooks, and rods for venous dosing and medical equipment.


  • What are stretchers made of?


A simple basic type straightener is light and easy to carry. They are made of canvas and composite materials suspended between two poles or aluminum frames. The foldable stretcher is similar to a simple stretcher but is very easy to carry as it can be folded into a compact form. The stretcher is used to move the patient from the ground into an ambulance or a bed with both ends detachable from each other.


A hospital stretcher from Select Patient Care is a vital instrument in the day-to-day life of a medical officer and thus its functions are greatly appreciated.


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