All About Hairstyling Courses

Beauty professionals should have a good understanding of hairstyling because this fundamental skill allows you to develop and provide the client a specific outcome;

By giving them advice on how to weave their strands in accordance with what they do every day, you can help them.



Keeping up with current trends is important since people rely on you to create the best items.

Style for the perfect day.


Client dialogue


  • The starting point hair-styling phase
  • Be mindful of the guidelines for hair design for facial shape, cranial shape, and

how one lives

  • Be honest with yourself and utilise your imagination if necessary to solve challenges.



Give a thorough justification if a client asks for an appearance that won’t appear acceptable on them. If your chosen style doesn’t work, there are further stylistic alternatives.


Factors that Influence Hairstyles


The following are some examples of tools used to treat damp hair:

  • combines
  • brooming

the silicone roll products

  • fasteners (duckbill, finger-waving, splitting, numerous, and single-prong)
  • Pegs (bobby pins and hairpins)
  • cutting-related hooks


I’m waving my fingers


A method for shaping and directing hair into a S shape is finger waving.

utilising combs, fingertips, and toner application

  • Very well-liked throughout the 1920s and 1930s
  • “Waving lotion” or hair gel, which makes hair sufficiently malleable to maintain it in position.

When making finger gestures; typically made with karaya bubblegum

(does not flake; is safe for hair; is regularly switched out with liquid styling gels)

  • Lateral thumb ripples are up and down, perpendicular to the face, while vertical finger waves are vertical. Across the entire skull, there are swells.



The pin curl


  • Serve as the building blocks for patterns, lines, waves, curls, and rolls.
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Works best with hair that is neatly wrapped and has layers.


Curl’s parts and components


  • Base: The static (non-moving) section of a helix that is furthest from the root

the area of the head’s human hair where the iron that curls is placed.


The point of the pin curl’s cortex, which runs from the circle’s base to its first arc (turn), is the part of the pin curl.

The hair lies between the crown of your head and the initial spinning roller, which defines the position and the movement of the curl.


  • Circle—the part of the spiral that completes a full circuit and finishes in a curling motion;

The diameter of the circle determines the wave’s width and strength.


Versatility of a Braid


Each hair section’s ability to move is controlled by the stem, and curl mobility is dictated by

There are three categories: no root, partial stem, and full stem.


  • No-stem curves, applied directly on the base of a curl, provide the tightest, most durable curls with the least amount of mobility.


  • Half-stem curls, which are positioned halfway off the base and provide some motion,

a good grip on the hair

  • The largest full-stem curl-curl is completely positioned away from the base.

mobility; base could be a half-moon, rectangle, square, or triangular


Moulding for Braided Alignment


  • Shaping: Before a section of hair develops curls, it is shaped in a circular motion. Curly hair should always begin from the open end, whether they are closed-end or open-end.


Generally begin with a curve at the widest point or depressed side of the form.

  • Open-centre coils: produce symmetrical swells and folds that are homogeneous.
  • Closed-centre twists produce waves that get smaller toward the end; they’re good for people with fine hair or if you want a voluminous curl.


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