What you need to know before going to laser clinics in Brisbane

If you are thinking about laser hair removal there are certain things that you need to consider. If done by the wrong people laser hair removal can be dangerous. It could result in burns on permanent changes in the color of skin. However, it is easy to reduce the risk of any side effects if you get the treatment from a professional medical doctor who is skilled in using lasers and has for the right knowledge of the skin. It is recommended that you only go to a board certified dermatologist for all kinds of laser treatments.

What you can expect at the laser clinic in Brisbane

When you go for your appointment the area which is going to be lasered is cleansed. Many patients are also given a numbing gel to make sure that the skin does not remain sensitive during the process. However it takes around 30 minutes to an hour for the numbing gel to start working.

The treatment would take place in a room specified for laser treatment. Everyone in the room is supposed to wear protective eyewear during the procedure.

The doctor would then make use of a laser which would feel like small pinpricks or a rubber band being smacked against the skin. The hair is removed when the heat from the laser vaporizers it. It might cause small plumes of smoke and has a Sulphur like smell. The amount of time the treatment is going to take depends upon the area which is being treated.

Once the treatment is completed you might want to avoid any sort of tight clothing fitting your skin. It is also best to avoid tanning salons for any other indoor tanning equipment for. Make sure that you follow the advice given by a dermatologist for the after care of your skin. It is common to see redness and swelling on the skin which often looks like a mild rash, however a cool compress can help reduce any sort of discoloration. It should be kept in mind that laser hair removal doesn’t require any kind of downtime. After having the treatment, your skin is going to be red and swollen for a while, but it would be easy for you to return to everyday activities.

You would be able to see the results immediately after the treatment. Results differ from one patient to the other depending upon the color and the thickness of the hair and the area which has been treated. Also the kind of laser which has been used along with the color of the skin would have an impact on the result. You can expect to see a 20% reduction in the hair after the first treatment. In order to remove all of the hair it is important that the patients go through at least three to six treatments. Once treatment is finished most of the patients do not see any hair on their skin for several months or even years. When the hair does regrow it is final and lighter in color.

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