Benefits of Office Bariatric Chairs

What many people in Australia may not realise is that tall and big people find it a struggle to work in offices during an entire work shift. It’s because there’s always a big chance that the office furniture is not suitable for their body types.

It is only lately that office managers and employers have begun to see the need to opt for bariatric chairs, Australia. The specific built of bariatric chairs, Australia provides the perfect solution for tall and big people.

Bariatric chairs provide ergonomic seating that allows tall and big people to sit comfortably as they work. Health problems such as impaired circulation or sciatica can also be prevented with the special chair.

A variety of body types are addressed by bariatric chairs. Generally, people weighing 500 pounds can comfortably sit in a bariatric chair. Some manufacturers of bariatric chairs in Australia even go the extra mile by building one that provides strong support up to 1,000 pounds. However, health care environments are the typical setting for such types of bariatric chairs.


Top Benefits of Office Bariatric Chairs


Office bariatric chairs are specifically built to provide comfort and support for larger and taller individuals. Some of the tip features provided by the chair include:

Articulating headrest

The articulating headrest is an add-on feature to some bariatric chair models. It means that you can opt for it or not. However, opting for a bariatric chair with an articulating headrest brings a host of benefits. The six positions of the headrest allow you to use it as a neck roll or a headrest. It can also be put out of the way if desired. The thing is the headrest is there at times you need it most.

Five-leg or Seven-leg base

Most bariatric chairs feature five-leg bases. However, ease of movement and added stability are provided by bariatric chairs with seven-leg bases. The support foundation of the chair is in its base and the more support, the stronger the support.

Moving the chair from one point to another is easier with the seven-leg base bariatric chair. Taller and bigger people find their comfortable seating match with bariatric chairs with seven-leg bases.

Bariatric adjustable armrests

Chairs with armrests always provide the ultimate seating comfort. This comfort is provided by bariatric chairs with a twist. The adjustable armrests mean that any user can adjust them according to his/her width and height needs. The strong support provided by the adjustable armrests ensures the perfect fit for any body type.

Bariatric adjustable support

The adjustable support provided by bariatric chairs is specifically engineered to cater to any body type. It means that the height, tilt, and seat adjustments provided by the chair ensure the ultimate comfort for anyone using it.

Bariatric office chairs are not only for taller and bigger people. They are there to provide the ultimate comfort and support for all body types that sit almost the entire work shift.

It has been said that preventing a health issue is a better option than curing it. The same rule applies to bariatric chairs. Using the chairs for all workers in the office prevents serious and chronic medical conditions such as backache, poor posture, sciatica, and more.

Order Australian made bariatric chairs to get the best quality for your money.



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