How DES helps PWDs

DES (Disability Employment Service) is an initiative by the Australian government to provide employment services to people living with disabilities, secure and keep jobs. Many people lose their jobs after getting injuries or illnesses that hinder them from working normally, therefore DES is there to safeguard the interests of this group and those who were born disabled.

One of the core functions of DES is to manage health-related issues that might hinder a potential candidate from securing a job or leaving a PWD in a disadvantaged position to get employment. Another core function of DES is to identify strengths and talents in people living with disabilities and curate them to be helpful to an organization.

Some PWDs have extraordinary strengths that most employers tend to overlook, and their function is to highlight these strengths to the employers for the benefit of the subject. Its mandate also includes developing relevant skills in people living with disabilities to give them a fair chance of securing employment where appropriate.

They also form part of a workplace for this person and offer them the necessary support and instruments to undertake their duties efficiently. DES also does some follow-ups when a PWD secures a job to further offer the necessary support and information. Another support offered by DES is collaborating with hiring companies and organizations in their quest to secure a certain percentage of jobs on offer for people living with disabilities.

DES is currently the largest agency that provides job placements for people living with disabilities in Australia and they indiscriminately offer job placement to all persons eligible across Australia. DES is divided into two units namely: DMS – Disability Management Service and ESS – Employment Support Service.

What benefits does DES bring to the community?

Those who register their membership through DES access a range of benefits such as access to dedicated consultants to help them in job placement. Their core responsibility is to guide people living with disabilities to overcome the challenging task of finding a job in the marketplace. Employment consultant attached to an individual PWD shall provide guidance and discuss the career objectives of a person and help them create a winning resume that highlights their strengths and skills to bank on for a livelihood. Lastly, assist PWDs in searching for gigs and prepare them for interviews. According to studies, DES has helped thousands of PWDs get decent jobs and live better lives.

So what does DMS do?

They primarily support people with health issues, injuries, and disabilities to secure a job and to keep a job. It is their mandate to ensure this category of people retains their jobs after falling victims of illnesses or injuries that render them to that state of inability.

And what does ESS do?

ESS provides essential assistance to PWDs with long-term health issues, find jobs and maintain them. People living with permanent health conditions or permanent disabilities require regular support in their place of work so that employers do not fire them for their inability to perform or deliver excellent deliverables.

In conclusion, DES is not for people living with disabilities alone, even those with temporary health conditions get support from DES in keeping their jobs and getting advice and consultancy services. Job seekers with health issues or disabilities are referred to DES to get the necessary support and guidance.

Busy Ability offer disability employment services. Private enterprises can partner with them so that they can employ PWDs.


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